MU901CD: Abiding within the City of God

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 Re-release of  MU Course 901 Abiding Within the City of God: Mother Mary's Teachings to Mary of Agreda—Then and Now


2 CDs, volume 1 and volume 2 study. The study guide is on the CD.

Description: Mother Mary is an archeia and ascended lady master of great attainment. She was the Christic dispensation and remains today our elder sister, showing us how to become the Mystical City of God through humility and great God-desire.

In this class we will read about her life as the mother of Jesus and understand how she achieved the complete victory of her mission. We will review the importance of the Mother Light, how Mother Mary held the balance for the community and precipitated God-vision. We will discuss many other points of her life that contributed to her complete God-victory in her mission, and she will expand on the teachings she gave to Mary of Agreda in the book The Mystical City of God, through discourses and darshan with the students.

Constancy and purity of heart are more important than great miracles, money or resources to complete the mission. Mother Mary’s life is an example of how to go through trials and keep the faith. She remained true to her mission and all was fulfilled. Her story inspires us as to how we can individually hold the immaculate concept for the community (disciples), establish The Hearts Center (church) and physically outpicture our collective mission (heartreach and golden crystal age community).

Topics include:
• Connecting with the Divine Mother
• Accessing the Mother Light within and raising the kundalini
• Becoming a Sun Presence for community
• Overcoming the dweller, the not-self
• Understanding and holding the immaculate concept
• How to precipitate God-vision and fulfill your mission

This class originally took place from February 2 – April 6, 2009. 

Over 15 hours of audio material with bonus study guide included. MP3 format.

Class 1: The history of The Mystical City of God and the story of the Venerable Mary of Agreda
Class 2: The life of Mother Mary and the importance of the Mother Light
Class 3: Mother Mary on holding of the Immaculate Concept for community
Class 4: Mother Mary as master alchemist precipitating God-Vision
Class 5: Mother Mary on sacrifice, selflessness and service for the community
Class 6: Mother Mary as Victor over the not-self
Class 7: Mother Mary on enthusiasm for the mission, initiations and trials
Class 8: Mother Mary on purity of heart and consciousness – her victory is complete
Class 9: Bonus class – discussion and sharing
Class 10: Bonus class – discussion and sharing