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Love Will Always Find Us

by David C. Lewis



Within a secret chamber hid deep within our hearts burns a sacred fire--our tie to our Creator, reflected in each others' eyes. Our life's calling, no matter what our mission, profession, or creed is to fan this flame until its warmth propels us to higher realms. We pray that these melodies and lyrics will resonate day and night within your inner self and weave patterns of elysian splendor. May Love always find us ready to serve each other and to surrender unto the call of the Beloved.



1. Love Will Always Find Us
2. Be with Us
3. The Heart's Song
4. Call My Name
5. Bring the Children
6. I'm in Love
7. Will You Be here for Me?
8. You Are My Angel
9. The Fire Within
10. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
11. Easter Morn'
12. Bedtime Lullaby
13. Mary's Roses
14. One Breath Away

Time 57:41. Orchestrated, arranged and recorded by Dean Anderson
Copyright © 2000 by Cristos Records All rights reserved

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