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Leto's Evening Meditation DVD

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Item #: 3200-8-0032
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Leto's Evening Meditation DVD

Meditation for Soul Travel

A beautiful DVD of songs and prayers, interspersed with beautiful animated spiritual thoughtforms created by The Hearts Center’s Creative Arts team. Give this ritual of devotion to secure the light and protection of Leto, guardian angels and escort angels before entering the realms of sleep.


"Spend fifteen to twenty minutes of your time before you retire in a state of devotion to your God, in quietude, and in listening to what your Divine Presence speaks unto you of the intimations of God’s heart. Know surcease from all the cares and worries of the day, laying them aside, casting them into the flame so that your mind, your spirit, your consciousness will be free to fly to our domain." —Lady Leto, June 7, 2006



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Leto's Evening Meditation DVD

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