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Black and White Chakana Necklace

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Black and White Chakana Necklace


The Andean or Incan Cross (chakana) reflects the three worlds with a central disc representing the Central Sun. 


Derived from the word "chakay," meaning "to cross" or "to bridge," a chakana is a 3-stepped symmetric "cross" with a hole in the center of it representing the way to transit between the three worlds.


The three steps represent the three worlds, with the centered hole also representing thethe Central Sun.The upper wold (Hanan Pacha) included the stars, celestial beings and gods. The middle world (Kay Pacha) represented the world of human life, and the lower world (Uqhu Pacha) represented the underworld.


Wearing a chakana means you are a chakaruna, one who is awakening.  


1-1/8" black and white quartz pendant with 26" black woven cord necklace.









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