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I AM the Open Door

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I am the Open Door

by Peter Mt. Shasta
Paperback 120 pages

Instruction on how to find your inner God Self, the I AM Presence, and to bring it's love, wisdom and power into daily life as a Master. These discourse were given directly by 10 different Ascended Masters, who appeared visibly to gave these 14 teachings to Peter Mt. Shasta over a period of 10 days in 1977. The power of the Masters comes through each discourse, which explains why it has become an international best-seller.

These spiritual discourses by various Ascended Masters, perfected beings who were once men and women on the earth like us, were dictated at the request of a being known as the Great Divine Director. Unlike most "channeled" books, these beings appeared visibly in their light bodies to give these teachings on how to contact one's own inner God presence, and call it into action through the word, "I AM."

May all who feel the radiation of this book - which is that which only Ones Ascended can give - be inspired to apply this spiritual law, and to live according to this law of love.

Dictated in 1977, this book of 14 short discourses has since become an international classic.


Peter Mt. Shasta's interview was broadcasted during The Hearts Center's free daily prayer, song and meditation service, November 1, 2017.


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