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Image of Archeia Holy Amethyst

Image of Holy Amethyst with her teaching on the gemstone amethyst on the back.
Print 3 ½ by 2 inches

4 cards for $1.00


Beloved Holy Amethyst
When you wear amethyst on your person and have the crystal matrix upon your altars and in your homes, the elementals are so happy. For you see they thrive where the violet light is present in form and formlessness and they joyfully contribute their momentums of happiness and love in your presence. For they, especially the gnomes, have worked very carefully to create every little point, every little crystal that is finally outpictured in the magnificent geodes that you have seen; and even in the beautiful color that comes because they have focused the light of the violet fire with me in a most alchemical way in producing these gemstones of many shades and colorations.


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