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Heaven and Earth: How it all Works

by Tonya Gammon - 146 pages - Paperback

Where do we go after death? This is a question that people in every culture have asked for thousands of years. The answer for anyone depends on the particular belief system that he or she subscribes to, or, in some cases, when a person has had a near-death experience or remembers what happened after they died in their last life, it is an answer based on personal experience and insight.

Heaven and Earth: How it all Works by Tonya Gamman not only confirms and validates these personal experiences, it goes far beyond them. It is the chronicle of the author’s two lifetimes, life in heaven in between, and over a year of daily lessons in heavenly cities of light under the tutelage of a master teacher. It is a comfort to read for anyone who has lost loved ones because it shows that we really never lose them. We can be with them in heaven at night while our bodies sleep, they can hear us whenever we speak to them with love, and we will soon be with them in heaven planning our next life together.

The story begins with a detailed account of the tragic last days of Tonya's previous life in 19th-century Ireland. She then condenses 141 years in heaven into one chapter that describes heaven in exquisite detail and explains the major activities that souls engage in: healing, resting and reflecting, reviewing their last life, planning their next life, and preparing for reembodiment. One revelation that shatters the caricature of heaven is that there are no angels with wings sitting around strumming harps. Angels are actually souls who come down to Earth to help family members. Another misconception about heaven that Tonya clears up is that no one is judged for his or her wrong words, thoughts, and deeds, but everyone is given a life review in which they experience the pain they may have caused others. As Tonya writes in the Introduction, "In truth, we are the ones who do the 'judging.' We decide what we want to continue and what we want to change, based on love for ourselves, the true souls that we really are, and those we hold dear."

Tonya describes how a returning soul visits old haunts on Earth before entering a baby's body. When she enters her body, she says, "I'm like a pilot checking out my plane before takeoff, I activate systems and organs that are not working at full capacity. I am at the control center where I review all systems, body development, and functions." Soon after being born, Tonya forgets about heaven and the plans she has for this life. But when she is baptized at 11, she reconnects to the feeling of unconditional love, peace, and freedom that is heaven and to a "presence" who she calls "God."

Six months later, after practicing a meditation involving focusing on the point between waking and sleeping, she enters a state of heightened awareness and sees the presence as a being of light with brown eyes that are soft, deep and full of compassion. She writes, "I somehow know that I have found my spiritual teacher; he is the presence that has been with me since the baptism. I feel we have been together forever and ever for an eternity of lifetimes. I am excited to meet him at last. His name is Kuthumi..."

Kuthumi takes Tonya in her soul body to etheric retreats and cities of light in the heaven world for a series of lessons about life that lasts over a year. Tonya condenses the most important lessons she can remember into two chapters. Some of the lessons are personal as when she views scenes from her past lives in her "life book" (actually more like a holographic computer screen) in a vast library called "the hall of records." Other lessons are for the reader's edification as well, such as: everything is energy, the iceberg analogy for understanding difficult people, the merit system, we're all creators, and we all know the truth.

When Tonya's mother finds out about her daily excursions to cities of light with Kuthumi, she demands that she stop, even after taking her to a psychiatrist, who declares that she's normal. Tonya reluctantly agrees and discontinues her OOB travels with Kuthumi. Over the next 7 teenage years, she successfully navigates past pitfalls such as smoking, drugs, and alcohol, and accelerates her education (enrolling in college at 16) thanks to the lessons she learned from Kuthumi.

At 19, after a health crisis that ends her first marriage, she begins reading the lives of saints and discovers that others had similar experiences of masters and the heaven world. In one book, she is shocked to find a picture of Kuthumi, but the caption reads "Saint Francis of Assisi." None of the books about Saint Francis explain his role as a master teacher or his relationship to her. The end of the book is the beginning of her search for answers, a search that will take her through 33 more years of her life. Stay tuned for the sequel.


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