Swedish Pollen Extract

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Swedish Pollen Extract (SPX)

Food for Cell Replication, Repair and Rejuvenation!

About 1 oz. Powdered form


This is a ‘whole food’ concentrate - the nucleus of microscopic pollen grains - and nature’s richest source of RNA/DNA genetic material at the biological source of the food chain.

For optimal longevity, keep it in the refrigerator or freezer. It is very dry to keep it inert. Avoid prolonged exposure of cold contents to warm room temperature. That would condense moisture on the SPX, activating this superfood to feed microbes in the air.

Since this extract is highly concentrated, 1/4 teaspoon suffices for preventive maintenance. Personally, I've taken this extract at therapeutic levels (1/2 level teaspoon 2 x’s daily), removing a fatty tumor off my back over 3 months of use.

It mixes well with honey for a delicious spread on toast or crackers. Sprinkle on cereal or add to smoothies. Under the tongue (sublingually), it is activated by saliva enzymes with neural-transmitter precursors that go through the blood-brain barrier for optimal mental clarity and cognitive function. Then swallow for
the immune system precursors for vital force and preventive maintenance.

Extensive research has shown that combining SPX with essential fatty acids, like flax seed oil or CBD oil, at least doubles the benefit as hormone precursors for the endocrine glands and immune system. Evening Primrose Oil is better in this regard for women, corresponding more to feminine hormones.

This is a potent metabolic regulator and immune system activator. It is also natural “rocket fuel’ for the mitochondria energy factory in every cell. So sensitive individuals should refrain from SPX consumption in the evening if they want to sleep on their normal schedule.

SPX is an ‘adaptogen’ which increases healthy blood cells and immunity rather dramatically. Too much too fast can translate to an accelerated kill-off of pathogens in the body (fungi, bacteria, viruses etc.), with clogging of the lymph system and perhaps mild cold or flu-like symptoms as the body tries to purge these parasite carcasses. Good aerobic exercise helps to clear the lymphatics.

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