Langenburg Oxygen Water - Single Bottle

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Langenburg Oxygen Water

750mL Bottle*

  • pH balanced
  • Mineral balanced
  • Structurally restored
  • Micro-clustered for hydration
  • Highly advanced purification
  • High levels of stable oxygen


Langenburg Oxygen Water is water that has been processed using the Langenburg Water Technologies™ developed by Langenburg Research with more than 35 years of research. It originally was provided to medical groups in Germany as medical grade water. It proved so valuable that it is now being provided worldwide for the general public.

The Langenburg Water Technologies™ are an integrated suite of ultra-high technology water purification, natural mineralization and restoration systems that can purify water to high standards of quality and contain very high levels of stable oxygen and a naturally occurring spectrum of balanced minerals which are structured with small microclusters for easy assimilation into your cells' membranes offering the most efficient hydration and oxygen delivery.

Oxygen:  Langenburg Oxygen Water does not have the oxygen created from an oxygen generator, but has the same oxygen nature produces.  We use monoatomic oxygen (in addition to other salutary forms of oxygen: O2, O4, O5, O6 and O7), which is less than half the diameter of regular diatomic oxygen and is chemically and physically different than regular O2. Monoatomic oxygen has the power to “quench” many superoxide radicals which can cause significant cell wall and tissue damage. Monoatomic oxygen can transit cell membranes more than twice as fast as regular diatomic oxygen due to its small diameter.

pH 7.7:  Langenburg Oxygen Water’s optimum pH of approximately 7.7 promotes your body’s maximum oxygen absorption from the surrounding environment as well as a systemic retention of the high oxygen content already in the water. This quality helps improve oxygen levels in the blood and consequently enhance alertness, stamina, metabolic processes and overall bodily system functioning.


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About the Bottles
The 750mL bottles are OXO-BIODEGRADABLE & REVERTE TECHNOLOGY  which allows the bottle to be 100% completely broken down. Plastic bottles containing the Reverte™ oxo-biodegradable technology will break down naturally and in most cases will turn into CO2 and moisture within 5 to 10 years, according to Green Planet Bottle. Reverte™ is a registered trademark of Wells Plastics Ltd. that has been specifically developed as an additive for PET plastic bottles that greatly enhances degradability of the bottles while keeping its clarity and tensile strength. Specialized Industrial composting facilities are not required for oxo-biodegrade bottles that utilize the Reverte technology, as is the case with cornstarch-based plastic bottles.