Onsite Attendance in Livingston - 2023 Winter Solstice Event Chile

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Onsite Attendance

2023 Winter Solstice Event

Refresh Your Life with the Holy Spirit's Presence!
The Joy of the Lord Is Always with You!

December 14–16, 2023

Santiago, Chile

A Unique Solstice Event Bathed in the Presence of the Holy Spirit
How delightful that our event occurs at the time of summer solstice in Chile and winter solstice in Montana! A double spin to the Earth for certain!

Broadcast from Santiago, where David will be present, and then from Livingston each day, a mighty action of the Holy Spirit will occur through our spiritual work taking place at these two locations in tandem with our 24-hour vigil that weekend. Plan to be bathed in the Holy Spirit’s Presence, renewed in her comfort, and encouraged by her empowerment to do the work required on Earth today.

Darshans and Discourses with the Holy Spirit and the Maha Chohan
The overall plan is to to begin each day with three hours, broadcast from Santiago, specifically geared to the Spanish-speaking participants—both onsite and online. Following that, there will be three hours of spiritual work and teaching in English streaming from Livingston for our English-speaking audience.

On Thursday, the Holy Spirit and the Maha Chohan present a discourse for Spanish-speaking participants, accompanied by English translation. Following that, our English-speaking participants in Livingston and on the broadcast will darshan with the Holy Spirit and the Maha Chohan, with Spanish translation.

On Friday, the opposite schedule will occur. Stick close to your programs! Attendees will prepare their questions in advance for either the English or Spanish darshans.

Saturday’s program includes separate dictations by the Holy Spirit and the Maha Chohan for each community, culminating in a Group Soul-Raising Session for everyone.

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International Prices
Australia: $70
Europe: $70
Mexico, Central and South America: $15
India (South Asia): $3

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