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2016 Mount Shasta Meru University Event:

Saint Germain and the Rakoczy Connection—

The Divine Director Initiates a New Era of Freedom with the Aquarian Master

Originally Broadcast August 11-14

With David Christopher Lewis


The Rakoczy Connection Revealed
Learn from the Divine Director new revelations about Saint Germain and his connection to the House of Rakoczy. 

Participate in the initiation of Saint Germain’s “New Era of Freedom,” and learn what this will mean for our world, our solar system, and beyond.  The Divine Director’s teaching, through David Christopher Lewis, will clarify our true identity as sons and daughters of God in the midst of our unfolding divine plan. The Divine Director will guide us as we walk this initiatic path.

Godfre and Lotus, Patheos, and a new yet unknown cosmic master will also heartstream through David during our Shasta event. 


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Replay Technology

  • The masters are able to transmit much of their light and presence through the video broadcast
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Testimonials from Previous Events

I feel like I have a closer relationship to the Holy Spirit and increased my appreciation of the gifts I have received. –N.F.


Each time David brought another master through, they gave me a special gift that not only expanded my awareness of truth but also gave me a strong sense and greater affirmation of my purpose here.  –E.C.

When the masters speak, kundalini powerfully flows through my being. It is a powerful affirmation of their presence and their release.   –anonymous

Kuthumi sends so much love that when I write this I still feel it. ...I felt the presence of the masters so much.  –B.P.