2017 Summer: A New Golden Cycle of Mercy - Replays

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2017 Summer Event
Divine Mercy Comes to Save You and the Earth!
Kuan Yin and the Heavenly Mothers East and West Inaugurate a New Golden Cycle of Mercy

Originally Broadcast June 17-20, 2016
Broadcast from Livingston Montana
with David Christopher Lewis


The Divine Mothers Come to Bathe You in Mercy

With the Divine Mothers East and West begin a new golden cycle of mercy! Immerse yourself in the love of Mother. You will be renewed, revivified, and re-energized by an inundation of mercy, ready to once again continue the joyous trek upward with more of a spring in your step, a song in your heart, and the knowledge that our heavenly Mothers are always there at our heartfelt call.   


Through David Christopher Lewis, we will ...

  • Be reminded of our innate power by Clare de Lis.
  • Be taught the feminine virtues by the Goddess Meru.


More Divine Mothers attend us—the Goddess of Beauty, Lady Master Nada, and the Archeia Faith. Blue Tara performs a divine clearance. And for those physically present, beloved Pallas Athena offers a personal baptism by fire!


Our sessions will also include ...

  • Lovely visuals and videos to enhance our prayers and songs
  • Brief reports from our U.S. and international groups and our Hearts Center council
  • The silliness, surprises and laughter of our annual talent show*

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U.S. and Canada  $100
Tither* Price $90

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Seniors on a fixed income: Pay what you can afford: $50.00 recommended

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Europe: $93  / Tithers $84
Central and South America: $20 / Tithers $18
Africa: $13
India (South Asia): $3


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*Those who regularly tithe to The Hearts Center


Call 312-253-7600 if you require assistance with registration.



Testimonials from Previous Events

...[It] was God-glorious! It was even more than I anticipated. We have been told that being on the broadcast you receive 75% of the radiation. I felt it was more like 100%. That's how awesome it was! As the masters always come through, so may we always come through by being present at their events, either in person or on the broadcast. —DG

This class was amazing for my life. I truly feel free of effluvia and entanglements to the past and ready to move on to greater God-being, letting go of the human nonsense and becoming more conscious of what is given to me. There were so many keys given to help us from each master's heart, a treasure box to glean greater blessings as I review. —KK

During the focusing of our attention and intention on Israel, Palestine and all the Middle East with beloved Peace and Aloha, I felt a gentle electrical charge moving throughout my body, especially in the torso area for the duration of that blessing. It was a bit startling—the strongest movement of light through me I have ever felt. —CW

“Mother Mary's darshan on healing was definitely a highlight. It was amazing! I've never seen a darshan where just about every person in attendance came forward. Mother Mary's answers and blessings were the reason. It was so personal yet at times universal, applying to all of us. I was totally engaged for the full three hours!” —LH