Tithe Fund

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Tithe Fund – Gain Access to Upper Room Broadcast Services

Melchizedek and El Morya have shared with us the universal law and miracle of the tithe―returning unto God 10 percent of the earnings and bounty that God has bestowed upon us. Following this law in love, devotion and gratitude precipitates spiritual and material miracles.

El Morya shared that when we tithe we set in motion the law of the immediate return on our investment of God’s graces from heaven. The tithe sets in motion a tenfold increase. Mother Mary shared that when you pre-tithe what you require to meet certain expenses, it sets in motion an immediate grace to be yours and an angel is assigned to magically bring you the multiplication of the amount that you have tithed times ten as quickly as possible.

At this time, your consistent tithe is also your portal into the Upper Room teachings the masters will share through David during our weekly Wednesday morning and monthly Friday and Saturday evening broadcast services hosted in the Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart.

Your tithe makes it possible for The Hearts Center to fulfill its mission to sustain and expand the balance of light on the Earth, and share the ascended masters' teachings throughout the world. To learn more about the benefits of tithing and read testimonials from heartfriends, visit our page on The Law of the Tithe-Tying Ourselves to God.

Prime the pump of your financial affairs with Auto-Tithing! Pledge a recurring tithe to The Hearts Center!

Your tithe as a charitable donation is tax deductible within the USA and you will be sent a summary receipt of your donations after year end.