$5 Million Miracle Fund

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$5 Million Miracle Fund

Lanello and Clare de Lis are sponsoring a Five Million Dollar Heart-Mind Miracle Initiative to bring forth five centers of light in the United States of America in the following locations: one in or near Livingston, Montana; one in Mount Shasta; one in Arizona; one in Texas; a fifth one whose location is not yet revealed.

"When our vision is clear, the divine intervention is here."   When we together form this ascended master heart-mind alliance, this Heart-Mind Miracle Initiative will begin to coalesce and precipitate through our collective efforts. We are empowered as initiates. We are empowered as sons and daughters of God to create communities of light. Through our collective vision, intent, and focus these centers will come forth.

The cycles are such that we must engage, Clare de Lis says, in this endeavor, in this alchemy, in this fortuitous and virtuous work of the spirit.

Thank you for priming the pump for this initiative with your donations, which are above and beyond the normal tithe. Those who prime the pump will be the beneficiary of the immediate multiplication of your gifts of the Spirit to you, your causal body and your divine plan. As our vision is clear and as heartfriends give, heaven's abundance will flow forth in miraculous ways to support this mission.

As we begin this momentous initiative of light, we thank all who donate from the abundance that God has placed in your hands. May your gifts be boundlessly multiplied by divine grace. Thank you!

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