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Crystal Elixir Aroma Spray

A series of divine crystal elixirs created at the behest of the Masters.  Perfected over the course of seven years, these sprays  all contain crystals and essential oils. The Archangel Line sprays contain one crystal, gold water, essential oils, attar oils and are more potent than the Aroma sprays.

The creator of these elixirs was embraced by Mother Mary’s  beautiful white wings  in a time of need and was instructed to make these sprays.

Spray them to change and raise the frequencies of those in need.  You can spray them in the air above you, on your chakras, under your feet, wrists or on your hands and swirl it around you!

50 mL Selections

Jofiel:  Presence. Live in the now. Estetique values. Warming. Slow down and see the beauty around us. Nature’s bliss. Self-security. To useyor senses. Artistic expression and beauty. Serenity. Frequencies and light codes.

Chamuel:   Love. Giving-receiving. Trust . Togetherness. Harmony. Attract your soulmate. Enjoy life’s gifts. Self-love and self-appreciation. Sensitivity. Co-creation.

Raziel: Transformation. Akasha planes. Live your truth. Mysteries. Sacred and hidden knowledge. Intuition. Balance. Universal education. Dreams. Spiritual guidance. Support.

Haniel: God’s joy and inspiration. Gives hope and fuels the flame of life. Brings humor and laughter. Visionary. Peace. Unity. Tranquility. Meditation.


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