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Cell Phone Parking Plate Orgonite
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Item #: 3200-3-0039
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Cell Phone Parking Plate Orgonite - Orgonites have the ability to absorb and transmute negatively imprinted radiation which emanates from cell phones. Most people keep their cell phones near them when they sleep or are working at a computer. These Cell Phone Parking Plate Orgonites allow you to "Park" the cell phone on top of them which can drastically reduce the amount of negatively imprinted radiation that otherwise might disturb your sleep, cause headache, brain fog or make it hard to concentrate.

According to some sensitive people, one orgonite can have a positive effect for people, animals and plants over an area of 100 yards in diameter.

Some people place one orgonite near each of the major EMF transmitter devices in or around their homes and have realized greater peace, health, deep sleep and an enhanced ability to meditate, concentrate and to dream. Some people report an overall more optimistic and friendly outlook on life after being near orgonites.

4” x 2.5” x .375”, 4 oz, made of polyester resin, aluminum, copper, brass and bronze shavings, amethyst, carnelian, citrine and garnet crystals. Weight and dimensions may vary a small amount due to the nature of the creation process.


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