The Splendour of Tiphareth

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by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. 261 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Surya-yoga—The Sun, Centre of our Universe
  2. Obtaining Etheric Elements from the Sun—When We Gaze at the Sun Our Soul Begins to Resemble it
  3. Our Higher Self Dwells in the Sun
  4. The Creator Sows Seeds in Us and the Sun Makes Them Grow—The Sun Reflects the Blessed Trinity
  5. Every Creature Has a Home—The Seven Beads of the Rosary
  6. The Master and the Seven-bead Rosary—Every Creature Needs to Own and Protect its Dwelling Place—The Aura
  7. The Heliocentric Point of View
  8. Love as the Sun Loves
  9. A Master Must be Like the Sun and Remain at the Centre—Some Prayers to Say at Sunrise
  10. Rise Above the Clouds—The Sephirah Tiphareth
  11. The Spirits of the Seven Lights
  12. The Prism, Symbol of Man
  13. A New Heaven and a New Earth—Spiritual Grafting
  14. The Sun Has the Solution to the Problem of Love—Telesma
  15. The Sun is in the Image and Likeness of God—‘In Spirit and in Truth’
  16. Christ and the Solar Religion
  17. Day and Night—Consciousness and the Subconscious
  18. The Sun, Originator of Civilization—A Disciple's Clairvoyance Must Begin on the Highest Levels
  19. The Sun Teaches Unity—The Power of Penetration
  20. The Sun Teaches by Example—The Sun, Heart of our Universe
  21. Three Kinds of Fire
  22. Making Everything Converge Towards One Goal


When we focus our attention on the sun, the centre of our universe, we draw closer to our own centre, our higher self, the sun within; we melt into it and begin to resemble it more and more.

But to focus our attention on the sun also means to learn to mobilize all our, thoughts, desires, and energies, and put them to work in the service of the highest ideal. He who works to unify the chaotic multitude of inner forces that constantly threaten to tear him apart, and launch them in the pursuit of one, luminous, beneficial goal, becomes a powerful focal point, capable of radiating in every direction. Believe me, a human being who masters the tendencies of his lower nature can benefit the whole of mankind. He becomes as radiant as the sun. His freedom is such that his consciousness embraces the whole human race as he pours out the superabundance of light and love that dwell within him.

The world needs more and more human beings capable of dedicating themselves to this work with the sun, for only love and light are capable of transforming humanity.

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