The Fourth Awakening

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The Fourth Awakening by Rod Pennington

Paperback: 298 pages




A group of top scientists, lead by a legendary Nobel Prize winning physicist, has made a discovery so startling and with such deep religious implications that it sends shockwaves through the corridors of power around the world. As the federal government moves to suppress the research, all of those involved vanish without a trace.



A mysterious call from the editor of The Washington Post starts Penelope Drayton Spence off in search of the missing scientists. After she crosses paths with enigmatic industrialist Michael Walker, Penelope becomes a fugitive in a wild, hold on tight to the edge of your seat race to expose the truth about the Hermes Project before the government can cover it up.


While a work of fiction, The Fourth Awakening is grounded in cutting edge science and an emerging spiritual reality. It offers readers a glimpse of our shared future.