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The Child is Father/Mother

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The Child is Father/Mother of the... Today is Yesterday's


(Psychology/Astrology for the Aquarian Age) (Volume 3)

by Denise Mattoo

Paperback: 62 pages


This is the third in the series of Psychology/Astrology of the Aquarian Age. This one is focused on the cycles and stage of development of your child from before conception to age thirty six. To help your child through each stage of development before the age of twelve when puberty and karma descends, will allow you and your child to build a solid platform upon which your child can stand when the adolescent stages begin. To do so will build confidence and a solid knowledge of self. Each twelve year cycle, when handled properly and mastered successfully, will result in your child's positive future. The parents are the first teachers of the child, it is important that you build a solid family structure and not rely totally on the school and babysitters or day cares to do for your child what is your responsibility to do. The bond begins in the womb between mother and child, the mother knows intimately, and intuitively who that child is better than anyone ever can, so it is the mother not the school or babysitter who should be the primary care giver. it is also very important that the father is equally involved in the child's development, bonding between father and child helps that child to understand their own alpha energy weather it is a girl or boy as we all need to have that balance within, the child needs to experience love of father and mother for each other and for the child so as to have an example to internalize those energies in balanced proportions.

Our society has made it so that both mother and father have to work in order to make ends meet, leaving the child in the hands of strangers, or without parental supervision when they are able to stay alone, with time to get in trouble because no one is watching. We have also many single parent families these days that causes the children to grow up with voids in their psyche, which they try to fill with, drugs, sexual partners, or other trouble that we all are aware that adolescence get into, sometimes getting into trouble with the law and ruining their future with criminal records. If at all possible the accumulation of material wealth should not be the priority, your child prefer your presence and not gifts and material presence. I know that for some it is a matter of necessity because of the cost of living, for both parents to have to work just to make ends meet. Perhaps we can live simply by not buying designer labels or trying to keep up with the Joneses.

To rebuild the structure of the family as a solid foundation is to rebuild society and the world on a solid foundation, it begins in the home, "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world". It used to be that the term "stay at home mom" meant she does not work and therefore does nothing important. This is the travesty among other unequal treatment of women that began the woman's lib movement. have you any idea how much a mother does in the home taking care of the home and the children, it is an endless stream of tasks and multitasks that requires patience, skill, spontaneity, intuition, balancing and every other unnamed tasks that are too numerous to mention, going out to work is a vacation compared to staying home and taking care of the home and children. if any man tried to do it they will understand. Just for the record, there are some men who are better mothers than some women, this I know but these are the exception to the rule. The stages of development are mapped out in detail according to each cycle and also according to Maria Montessori who have developed a method through years of study and hands on experience. Children should be given practical chores and also learn to personally take care of them selves as part of their educational development as this addresses the whole child and build confidence and independence. Development should be of all levels of the child, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, so that the child is well rounded and balanced. our future is as good as our family structure.