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Lemonade and Pearls

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Lemonade and Pearls

(Psychology/Astrology for the Aquarian Age) (Volume 2)

by Denise Mattoo

Paperback: 372 pages


Volume 2 in the series of books dedicated to the Science of Psychology and Astrology of the Aquarian Age. Because of the intellectual prowess of man, psychology and astrology have been treated as separate subjects. This astrology has been used by the Elohim/Alpha and Omega of Creation but known by very few. If you want to know about creation you go to the Creator, only those who are pure of heart and mind and see them as One, are privy to answers. This psychology/astrology was introduced by Djwhal Khul the Tibetan, the Divine Mother in the person of the mother of one of our most prominent spiritual leaders of all time, it is also know by Lakshmi; the Hindu goddess and the entire host of Ascended masters. There is no one religious affiliation with this study as it is of a spiritual nature and surpasses duality or divisions. It is the study of the oneness of all life and the cycles that govern all, on a microcosmic and macrocosmic scale. All studies and "ologies" are but the study of the "One" from different perspective, it is up to us to harmonize our findings into oneness. This study also helps on the foundation scale of humanity as it addresses the relationships between the alpha and omega energies on an inner and outer level, the problems that result from the imbalances of these energies.

The importance of the rebuilding of the family structure which has been compromised because of these imbalances; resulting in the issues we have in our present society through our youth who grow up and repeat these unresolved issues. We must catch these issues from the root cause by finding our balance first within and then in our outer relationship with the opposite sex thereby creating a more balanced societal structure upon which we create offspring; the building blocks of our future.

Evolution begins with each individual, the Golden Age begins with each individual, it is the age of equality of alpha and omega, if it does not occur within each of us, where them will it occur? We are created in the image and likeness of our Creator, the Elohim/Alpha and Omega. To know your Cosmic clock cycle, is to master it, to be the master of our own life is our right and the expectation of the Creator for each and every one of us. The masters who have ascended have done just that, that is why they are called the ascended masters. To overcome and change our base metals;our imbalances which result in our negative karma; into positive golden flames of illumination; is to have the golden age appear within each and everyone of us, and as a collective. The Golden Age will naturally appear as we are the world and the world is us.

These Cosmic clock cycles tells us when certain karmic energies are coming upon us, what we are presently dealing with, why certain things happened in our past, why people came and went in our lives, what lessons they came to teach us, what karma we had to balance with them, why relationships did or did not last. I have combined the Cosmic Clock and the ascending signs, moon signs and houses, and where the planets are in our individual chart so we can understand the why, what and when of any issues we may be experiencing or have experienced in the past. It also tells us why we were embodied in the family we did and what karmic lesson we had to learn.

Life gives us an equation, a problem to solve and in solving the equation we discover our reason for being. Karmic family cycles are also studies so that we can best understand the reason for issues we experience within our family. The lies that we have been handed to believe, for instance men were taught not to experience or express emotions especially love. This lie has resulted in men suppressing their emotions and only able to express them through sex, hence their preoccupation with it, their energies do not rise to the heart chakra but stay in their, lower chakras, if they raise their energies to their heart chakra, we will all see a world of love, equality and oneness.