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Promises of the Masters

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Promises of the Masters

Messages of Inspiration and Hope from The Hearts Center

We speak of the deep things of God—yet those simple ideations that result from the first ray of God's being. And so the intensity of our ray is felt by you within the deep recesses of your soul and not necessarily by your outer awareness.For the change that we deliver is at a core level that will change you from within,out. For permanent change is never wrought from without, in.


Yes, we offer who we are to you and to all beings of earth this day. We offer a ray of hope, a ray of change, a ray of everlasting joy. For when you dwell within the sunshine of our love, there is always joy, a smile of peace, and that upliftment of your spirit and your countenance such that you can continue to beam our rays outward to all in your sphere of influence. —HELIOS, DECEMBER 8, 2004


Who Are the Ascended Master?

We know the Masters as beings who have ascended to heave, our elder sisters and brothers on the spiritual path. These are souls who have graduated from earth's schoolroom and are now eager to minister to us and assist us in our own graduation from earth.


Within these pages you will find messages from many masters. They offer wise counsel and reveal plans to help us complete our work on earth. As you ponder their words, may you feel their loving presence with.


We sincerely hope you will fee moved to accept the gifts the masters desire to give you. We invites your to discover the vast treasury of teaching from the masters that is available to your through The Hearts Center.



1. How Can the Masters Accelerate Us?

2. Alchemical Change Is the Name of Their Game

3. In What Ways Can the Angels Work with Us?

4. How Available to Us Are the Masters?

5. What Will Become of Us if We Follow the Masters?

6. How Do the Masters Communicate with Us?

7. Why Do we Need the Masters to Deliver Us?

8. What Will the Masters Eliminate for Us?

9. Would Like to Have More Energy?

10. Can the Masters Help Us Reach Enlightenment?

11. What Can Spiritual Fire Do for Us?

12. Where Does Freedom Enter the Masters' Plan for Us?

13. What Gifts Do the Masters Have for Us?

14. When We Follow the Masters, Everything Becomes Greater!

15. How Important Is Your Heart to the Masters?

16. How Do We Relate to the Holy Spirit?

17. Some Alchemical Keys for Our Success

18. The Masters Desire to Infuse Us with Light

19. How Much Do the Masters Love Us?

20. What are the Masters Like?

21. On What Do the Masters Ask Us to Meditate?

22. Why Is the Mother Light Emphasized by the Masters?

23. Everything is New When You Follow the Masters!

24. How Important is Prayer?

25. Our Guarantee of Protection in the Unfolding New Age

26. Do the Masters Have Heavenly Rays Guns?

27. For Whom Is Salvation?

28. How and Why Do the Masters Seal Us?

29. How Do the Masters Plan to Raise Us Up Higher?

30. What Will Happen to the Unreality We Live With?

31. What Kinds of Victory Can We Expect through the Master?

32. Why Are Violet-Flame Decrees So Important to the Masters?

33. What Are We Told to Do with the Words of God?

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