Now, Zen and Always

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Now, Zen and Always
El Morya's Treasury of Spiritual Quips

by David Christopher Lewis

Because of his persistent love of the will of God, lifetime after lifetime, El Morya has come to embody the quality of obedience to divine principles, truth and God's holy will.

In the tradition of Zen masters, El Morya concentrates magnificent light and wisdom into gems of thought that can change us forever. He is a practical master and distills into a few words the essence of the Godhead that can transform us forever. As his heart-mind connection is merged with ours, we rise in consciousness to see life from a newer, more objective and more loving and forgiving perception, a godly, bird's eye view. The master’s purpose is to help us evolve beyond our current, limited mindsets with his Zen wisdom.

Too scarce in today's superficial communication is the empowered and artful delivery of divine inspiration. Knowing that in our own hectic lives we often take time to catch only media sound bites of information here and there, El Morya uses this means to deliver concise morsels of truth. A master for all seasons, he comes to win us over to his true-blue frequencies of higher knowledge. Resting in his presence of joy, we contemplate our own divine awareness that will help reconnect us with our Source.

Have you had your daily light infusion? If not, meditate on Morya's quips:

Wrap your Self up in what you do.
True bliss is never monotonous.
Keep your wits amidst others' snits.
Erase the blue print of your not self.
Speak softly but carry a big aura.
Unknow who you aren't.
The perfect gift for those who have it all.
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