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My Search in Tibet for the Secret Wish Fulfilling Jewel

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My Search in Tibet for the Secret Wish-Fulfilling Jewel

by Peter Mt. Shasta
Paperback 150 pages

This is the autobiographical account of a journey to Tibet that Peter Mt. Shasta made in 1994 at the request of the Sixteenth Karmapa. This enlightened being appeared to him in meditation and told him to seek the legendary Wish-Fulfilling Jewel. During the journey the Dalai Lama added his own request. The Master Saint Germain, with whom the author trained for many years, told him that the Buddhist teachings he learned in Tibet should be incorporated into the I AM Teachings he gave previously to Godfre Ray King in the 1930s. In this adventure are included teachings that can be used to transform your daily life through the realization of your innate perfection.


Peter Mt. Shasta's interview was broadcasted during The Hearts Center's free daily prayer, song and meditation service, November 1, 2017.