Apprentice to the Masters

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Apprentice to the Masters:

Adventures of a Western Mystic Book 2

By Peter Mt Shasta

Paperback 432 pages


Amazing true life adventures with the Ascended Masters, who appeared to the author often in physical form and instructed him in the use of the great laws of life, especially the use of the I AM. The author chronicles his adventures, tests, trials and initiations in the real world, which are often humorous and poignant. His service under the master Saint Germain took him from the movie business in Hollywood to meetings involving the formation of the European Common Market. It has been compared to a western, -Autobiography of a Yogi, - but with a focus on bringing spirituality and mastery into daily life. A message for today on the application of spirituality and mastery in the world.


Peter Mt. Shasta's interview was broadcasted during The Hearts Center's free daily prayer, song and meditation service, November 1, 2017.