Let Your Destiny Find You

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Let Your Destiny Find You- A Spiritual Journey Beyond Imagination

by Faith Rose
Paperback, 243 pages
Let Your Destiny Find You is the candid and inspiring story of a Soul couple’s extraordinary spiritual journey birthed from mystical visions. A rare and true pilgrimage of profound personal transformation, opening to Love, the loss of a Soulmate, and the transformational power of turning deep grief into Gratitude, it illuminates the power of listening to the calling of your Soul.

Let Your Destiny Find You is a true spiritual love story ignited by a Divine calling that unites Ken and Faith with the message they have “great work” to do together in the world. They share magical and transformational experiences during their years of international service to the God-realized yogi, Shivabalayogi Maharaj, whom they call Swamiji.

Enamored by Swamiji when they find him in India, the couple discovers they promised to serve his mission before they incarnated into this Life. But Faith must learn hard lessons to break through her emotional wounds and ego, as she is constantly tested by Swamiji’s laser-beam Awareness.

She is lovingly supported by her Soul partner Ken, who flows with the magic of their lives, as Faith becomes a “trance channel” for the yogi and struggles with self-doubt. Acting as vehicles to share Swamiji’s Divine energy for meditation, sacred music and healing, they have life-altering experiences and meet extraordinary people during their years of travel.

When her Beloved Ken eventually succumbs to cancer, Faith intimately reveals her profound loss and grief as it transforms into Gratitude, and she finds new meaning and purpose in sharing their remarkable story. The couple’s journey across time and space inspires us all to live by our Soul’s calling, not society’s expectations, and be Alive to our own Miracles unfolding.
About the Author

Soul partners Faith and Ken were united in 1986 when they simultaneously experienced profound visions with the message they have “great work” to do together. Their mystical union guided them to India, where they meet their Destiny—a God-realized yogi they promised to serve before their incarnation in this life. Having passed from this life in 2018, Ken contributes to their story through his journal and messages to Faith after his transition.

Growing up socially introverted with little religious indoctrination and no sense of the spiritual, Faith felt an inner restlessness that drove her to experiment greatly with her life. Moving from Chicago to LA at 26, then up the coast to Santa Barbara, she met her first spiritual teacher in 1980 and learned to meditate. “I was like a duck to water,” she says. “His teachings tapped into the hollow space inside of me and made me realize it was me I was seeking.”

She gave up her plan to sail around the world and traveled widely with this teacher and his students, backpacking high into the Andes Mountains of Peru, hitchhiking deep into the Sahara Desert, and traversing north of the Arctic Circle. She began receiving inner guidance and had many extraordinary experiences, including encounters with Light Beings in the desert of Southern California, expanding her sense of Life. Having left her brief career at a major TV production company in LA, she became a licensed deep-tissue massage and craniosacral therapist, and eventually became certified in several energy healing techniques. Soon after leaving her first teacher in Santa Barbara, Faith met her Soul partner, Ken.

Faith is an avid meditator, sacred vocalist and harmonium player, and has produced two kirtan albums of original music. She transmits her guru’s shakti to deepen aspirants’ meditations free of charge. She is an avid nature lover, environmentalist and spiritually progressive thought leader. She finds ways to be of service daily, no matter how small. Asked what she excels at most, Faith replied, “An unconventional, spiritually-focused, service-oriented Life.”

Ken grew up in New York City in a deliberate atmosphere of non-religion. Extremely introverted as a child, he struggled with undiagnosed ADD/ADHD and went on to receive a B.A. and two master’s degrees. In 1956 at the age of 23, Ken was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer while serving In the Air Force. After multiple surgeries, he recalls, “I was told to go home and get my papers in order.” Given a 99% chance of recurrence within a year, Ken says, “I never thought about it again. I lived a long, healthy life instead.”

In 1971, a divorce and separation from his three sons spurred Ken’s inner search through a master’s degree in clinical psychology and a deep dive into Gestalt therapy and training. In 1980 he learned to meditate. As his inner guidance grew, he became a wandering mystic, traveling wherever he was guided. His huge, open heart and natural healing abilities were recognized by several well-known healers and thought leaders with whom he studied.

Ken’s humble goal was “to be a good person,” at which he superbly exceled. In his last year, he wrote, “My life has always made a difference wherever I went, and I want it to always be that way.” Ken remained a shining example of unconditional Love to his last breath.

In 2018, when Ken succumbed to his second challenge with cancer, Faith experienced the most profound grief and transformation of her life, finding new joy and purpose by sharing their story to inspire others to let their Destiny find them and live a life beyond their imagination.