Bluefeather's Wilderness book

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Blue Feather's Wilderness

Hardbound: 32 pages

The purity of wilderness strips unreality from all who would venture into its powerful domain, and, the longer one stays the purer one becomes. When solo canoeing in the remote wildsof the Yukon or Alaska for a month or more, one's earthly civilized consciousness begins to slip away unnoticed as a more powerful and expansive realm of reasoning takes its place.


Even as a youth fishing the streams of western Washington, to climbing peaks and canoeing in Alaska and Canada, it seems I have always had this need to explore what I like to call "the deep wilderness." And even more exciting was when I discovered an unexplored "deep wilderness" within myself. 


I equate it to the caterpillar who in reality is a butterfly. We humans must awaken to the fact that we are cosmic beings encased in a mortal form that must be loosened and shed before our butterfly is allowed to fly free. Hopefully these poems and photos will help you to realize that you are more than meets the eye, and will entice you to explore into your own "deep wilderness."