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Kisses from the Wind

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Kisses from the Wind Love Poems and Rhapsodies from My heart to Yours

by Laurine Perla McMahon Illustrations by Misty Taylor
Paperback 82 pages



My desire is that this outpouring will encourage, benefit, delight, support, and comfort you. Many of the poems included here were written to particular people with these ends in mind; yet, the universality of the issues and the truth of the resolutions are for all.

Other poems have come while I have been in an open, receptive mode, communing with the Inner Heart. I can take little credit for the flow of light or the transcendent visions that were invoked, which I have tried to capture in words.

While I have used certain terms to indicate this Source, Core Identity, The Presence, Inner Light, The One or The Good, there are as many names for this as there are cultures. As one of my favorite teachers once said, “God does not care what you call her/him, just so that you do make the call.”

The clarity, confidence, and connectedness that comes from attunement with our Inner Being is what allowed these Kisses from the Wind to be released, like a butterfly from its cocoon.

I hope you enjoy them!