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The Turning Point: Creating Resilience in a Time of Extremes

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The Turning Point: Creating Resilience in a Time of Extremes

by Gregg Braden

Hardback  236 pages


"There's a time when every crisis can become transformation; when simply surviving can become joyous thriving.

In our lives that time is The Turning Point. In our world that time is now! We live in a time of extremes. And because the conditions of global finance, markets, resources, and jobs touch so much of our lives, we can no longer separate our everyday routines from the extremes of the world. The crises of climate change, extreme weather, and failing economies, for example, translate directly into the cost of the fuel that gets us back and forth to work each day; the interest we pay on our loans and that we're in turn paid on our savings; the loss of neighborhood businesses and local jobs; and the closing of factories, with the many benefits they bring to our communities. All of this means that our lives are changing in ways we've never seen in the past, and they're changing faster than we've been prepared to deal with.

The good news is that nature gives us the key to turn the frightening Tipping Points of such extremes into life-affirming Turning Points of transformation.

  • Fact: The solutions to our biggest problems already exist!
  • Fact: We already have the technology and the means to adapt to the extremes!
  • Fact: All that stands between the suffering of the present and the world transformed is the shift in thinking that allows the existing solutions into our lives.

In this compelling new work, best-selling author and visionary Gregg Braden merges his expertise in leading-edge science with present-day realities to answer the questions on everyone's minds:

  • What's causing the extremes in our world?
  • What do the global trends mean in our personal lives?
  • How do we make everyday life better for us and our families?

Through his powerful synthesis of easy-to-understand science and real-world circumstances, Gregg uniquely:

  1. Identifies the facts underlying the crises of personal, as well as global, change.
  2. Describes new scientific discoveries that hold the key to turning global crises into personal transformation.
  3. Reveals simple strategies of resilient thinking for our finances and lifestyles and resilient living for our families and communities as we navigate the greatest shift in power, wealth, and resources in the modern world! Will we choose the Turning Point to the greatest transformation of living and thinking the world has ever seen? "