African Chronicles of Origin

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African Chronicles of Origin: Continental Shifts, Migrations, Bloodlines, Myths & Mysteries

by Ralph Douwe Raaths
Illustations by Bowen Boshier

Paperback 212 pages

Metaphysical Traditions of Ancient Africa Unveil Our Divine Nature

The pages of African Chronicles of Origin are intended to place before the reader facts, principal ideas and beliefs designed for building the energy structures within our bodies to manifest our latent multi-dimensional destiny as divine humans. As the world awakens it will be known to all that some of the humans on Earth are far more than humans”. Saint-German has expressed this truth beautifully: “Within our heart there is a central chamber surrounded by a forcefield of such light and protection that we call it a ‘cosmic interval”. This chamber is separated from matter and no probing could ever discover it.

This book is replete with many interesting episodes, anecdotes, and poetical effusions. Its logical history is a varied and phenomenal one, sharing oral traditions, mythical laws and spiritual scientific facts going back to ancient times. Before the 17th Century, a spiritual awakening was confined to a few. Since that time human beings have viewed the cosmos with an eye of separation limited by the factors of space and time making us unconscious of our spiritual nature. Through this epic journey of our common history, humanity is led to understand its true purpose. Many humans are unaware that we are immortal entities in the mortal human costume.

Over the past 40 years Ralph Douwe Raaths has skillfully presented astrological and astronomical lectures and workshops, devoting his life to the task of gathering the scant skeins of information from so-called history. His profound knowledge of Anthroposophy, eurythmy and African culture all form the backdrop of this piece of architecture that will serve as a strengthening shelter in the times just ahead of us.

About the Author

Ralph Douwe Raaths’ interest in African stories bloomed when as a child growing up in Zambia, he was allowed to sleep outside under the stars. He spoke to them each night. “I see you!” One night they spoke back to him, “We also see you!” This set his life path – to explore the origins of Africa from a Spiritual Scientific perspective.

Douwe stands firmly in two worlds, what is referred in modern times as ‘the real world’ as well as the true real world. He qualified as a Eurythmy teacher (the art of Visible Sound) and worked in the Waldorf School movement as well as Adult Educator. He held man­agerial positions in the tire and courier industries as well as Operations Director of the Viva Youth College. He worked successfully, under the guidance of Dr. Rosselke Zech, with young people living with schizophrenia. He also practiced Shaolin Martial Arts.

He has lectured at the Theosophical Society, the Anthroposophical Society and Free Mason Lodges, by invitation in the UK and USA. International President of The Heart Center for six years; Summit Lighthouse membership. Astrologer, anthropology, explor­ing Dr Rudolf Steiner’s Astrosophy.