Advanced Studies of the Human Aura - eBook

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Advanced Studies of the Human Aura: How to Charge Your

Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance

By David Christopher Lewis


Soft cover, 272 pages; includes 16 beautiful color plates from French-Canadian visionary artist Mario Duguay and practical meditation exercises.


Advanced Studies of the Human Aura takes studies of the aura to an exciting new level. In Part One, Beloved El Morya presents long-awaited teachings that complete the trilogy begun by his holy brothers, the ascended masters Kuthumi and Djwal Kul. In Part Two, David Lewis provides practical steps to expand and purify our auras as he recounts moving experiences from his own life.  


What is the Human Aura

The human aura is a field of delicate, glowing energy surrounding us and extending outward from our physical body. Auras are related to the electromagnetic field of the body and serve as a visual measure of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states. The aura is the envelope of the soul, a garment of light facilitating its communication with the cosmos, its interaction with energy fields of light and its evolutionary cycles through time and space.
Everything that we do or think affects the aura so it is usually in a state of flux, ever changing, based on our thoughts and physical health. The aura is also affected by the energies of the environment, the forcefields of the planet and the frequencies that interpenetrate all forms of matter. The aura is an electronic signature of who we are.

An Instrument for Global Transformation

You will learn that the aura is more than just a colorful energy field around all living things. It is a subtle energy system— constantly moving, streaming and changing—that reflects our every thought, feeling, word and deed. In fact, this vibrant energy field says more about who we are than our physical appearance or personality. It can be a powerful resonator for both personal and global transformation.

Understand the Power of the Aura

This important new book offers a unique understanding of the power of a radiant aura. It shows us that to create an effulgent, rainbow-colored energy field—supercharged with light and spiritual purpose—we must first enter into the space of being where all life is felt and embraced as sacred. We must focus on body, mind and spirit—and on the truth that, at our essence, we are dynamic spiritual beings.

In this seminal work, you will learn keys to increasing the light within your aura from your heart outward to bring abundant blessings to yourself and those around you.

Advanced Studies of the Human Aura will show you how to create a more permanent connection with Spirit and live a life of greater joy, harmony and love.

Mother Mary's Blessing
"Therefore I take this book now unto my heart, unto my third eye, and I bless it, even as the Master El Morya has so blessed it. And I say to each one of you that wherever this book is placed, is received, is read and contemplated upon, I, Mary, will also place my essence and my electronic presence to support the establishment of a flame of Solar radiance within the life of the one who has purchased and honored this tome of light. I do this because I see the handwriting on the wall of what many will be undergoing in coming months and years." —Mother Mary


Praise for Advanced Studies of the Human Aura

 “An extraordinary book that will transform how you think about who you are and what is possible in your life. The much-anticipated Advanced Studies of the Human Aura reveals new dimensions of spiritual growth and awareness that will take you farther, deeper and higher.” —Dannion Brinkley, New York Times best-selling author of Saved by the Light, At Peace in the Light and Secrets of the Light


 “This book is a heartbeat of Divinity. All the information that flows through it gives us the opportunity to understand the true essence of who we are: The Children of the Sun. And who are the Children of the Sun? The ones who shine, who are clear, who bring warmth and tenderness, who protect, who share, who give life to every being in the universe, such as the Father Sun does, without discrimination. David Lewis is sharing this precious knowledge in this extraordinary book.” —Jorge Luis Delgado, author of Andean Awakening: An Inca Guide to Mystical Peru


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