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Balinese Wood Shiva

3 lbs 14" h x 8.5"w x 4"
Price $175.00

You are viewing a highly stylized, very intricate wood carving unique to craftmanship seen in Bali. Wearing a crown and seated in a meditative pose, the right hand appears to be holding the Vitarka Mudra at the level of the heart. The prominent display of the mudras held in its form strongly denotes a contemplative centeredness in the wheel of the teaching and wisdom of the Dharma.

14 inches to the tip of the crown, this Balinese carving features very distinctive elements. The pointed winglets on the head dress and on each shoulder suggest  a winged Mercury influence. Symbols of speed, the carver is using his craft to convey that this Shiva answers the cries of petitoners instantaneously. The elaborate head adornment suggests there is something like an antenna attached to the crown.  Thus there is a heightened sensitivity to receive and dial-in to any and all distress calls coming in from the faithful.

Though this is a meditating likeness of Shiva, yet there is a very active, almost bristling energy that the hands and the expression of the face seem to exhibit.

Thus captured by the artisan's skill may be seen a representation of a more pro-active, yang-mode of stillness. This imbues this particular piece with a more than ordinary creative tension that still manages to be rooted on the serene base of the lotus position. Notice the feet are upturned in peaceful acceptance; opening, pointing towards what is being seen through the 3rd eye vision suspended in heart-mindfulness. Parusha!

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