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Ascended Masters and their Retreats

by Werner Schroeder
Paperback: 478 pages
This book is designed to be an encyclopedia and handbook on Ascended Master. It is intended to be the standardbearer in this field. The knowledge gained from these personal experiences will be of great advantage to the students of today, helping them to gain their own freedom, as well. Presented are the biographies of 106 Ascended Masters, including details of their last earthly embodiment and the tests and trials they had to undergo, to achieve their ascension. Almost all of the Masters gave dictations to the students; some of these instructions are included herein. Also given are the particular fields in which these Ascended Beings specialize and how students can call upon them for their individual benefit. The section, "Ascended Master Retreats," contains detailed descriptions of the sixteen major retreats that were used during the Transmission of the Flame Services of the original Bridge to Freedom, as well as details of other retreats and foci of the Ascended Host. Students desiring to participate in the Transmission of the Flame Services of the AMTF, at this time, will find the descriptions of these retreats useful in visualizing the ongoing activities.
Presented in the first part are biographies of 107 Ascended Masters. Details include the tests, trials and initiations they had to undergo during their last embodiment to gain the ascension. The knowledge gained from the personal experiences of these Masters will help the students in successfully passing similar tests and initiations and in gaining their freedom as well. The second part of the books contains many details of 31 Ascended Master Retreats, including those that were active during the Transmission Flame Services which greatly helped our planet during critical times.

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