What is a Sanat Kumara Session?

This is a powerful opportunity for you to commune directly with Sanat Kumara. The sessions will be very positive and loving, and will address what may be blocking us, what may be necessary for us to handle and break through to move forward on our path.

The sessions will be approximately 20 minutes long. You may ask a question; yet the focus of the session is for the clearing of Lemurian and ancient records and what each initiate requires–first for attaining their full Self-realization and then for their ascension. Clearing the most ancient records from whatever karma you have left will be phenomenal. You will get at the very root of the initial karmic entanglements you were involved in when you stepped onto this planet. To root those out and transmute them will open tremendous streams of light for you, your ultimate Self-realization and your victory.

What are the requirements to qualify for such a session?

You must have completed at least three months as a servitor or staff member of The Hearts Center.

How do I get to the order page?

First, login. When you visit the Sanat Kumara Sessions category, you will see an option to schedule a session.

I require help!

For any issues with Sanat Kumara Sessions, please call 406-333-7172, or email us at store@heartscenter.org.