Rosario de la Misericordia de Kuan Yin eBook

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Kuan Yin's Rosary of Mercy - Spanish Version eBook PDF

Compiled by  The Hearts Center


Kuan Yin has said the following about her rosary—


July 2, 2010

"This day you have planted a great seed of light here that will grow into a new tree of light, a tree of compassion, a tree of mercy-joy. And as each of you, who have also planted this seed within the soil of your own being, water and nurture this light of mercy day by day as you participate again and again in this gentle embrace of my heart and mercy’s light, your own Bodhi tree will be there for you to experience as you meditate under it for the victory of your heart, your mindfulness, blessed ones." 


November 27, 2010

"I am Kuan Yin. And I would have you know that each and every time that you give the Rosary of Mercy with me, I extend currents of my heart’s fire to you personally and to all those in your extended families who require the healing power of Mercy’s flame. Yes, dearest ones, you may not always be aware of exactly how the words that you speak become tangible in the world of form, and yet I say that through many of my assistants and angel devas who are masters in the focalization of the light of mercy in your world, miracles can ensue and do in your domain because you have allowed your own heart to be a focal point for this mercy light to radiate forth and for God, through this light, to be present in many realms of being."