Rosaries Compilation - Digital Download

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Rosaries Compilation - Digital Download

An awesome compilation of sixteen rosaries for the Aquarian age - both audio and video - plus an additional meditation with Lady Leto. Pray wherever you go with this portable and easy way to give your devotions. Videos include fully original songs and visuals, with easy follow-along lyrics.

NOTE: Contains OVER 7 GB of data! This is a very large download that may require you to download it overnight. You will also be able to download the rosaries individually if necessary.

List of Rosaries included:

  • Rosary of the New Eightfold Path
  • Golden Buddha Rosary-short version
  • Rosary of Loving Affirmations-I
  • Rosary of Loving Affirmations-II-2
  • Rosary of Loving Affirmations-III
  • Rosary of Loving Affirmations-IV
  • Rosary-I AM the Master of My Psychology
  • Childrens Golden Buddha Rosary
  • Emerald Vision Rosary
  • Kuan Yin Rosary
  • Kuan Yin Rosary-Spanish
  • Letos Evening Meditation
  • Omega’s Rainbow Rosary For the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius
  • Rosary of Divine Quintessence
  • Rosary of Faith
  • Vesta's Solar Rosary
  • Vesta's Solar Rosary-Spanish

Give Rosaries with Beautiful Visuals and Easy-to-Follow Lyrics On-Screen!

Our staff has worked tirelessly to create beautiful visuals for you to meditate on as you give the rosary. Follow along with the words as they appear on the screen -- no book required!

The Rosaries Compilation Digital Download can be downloaded to your computer. You'll be able to:

  • Play rosaries continually from your home computer (Internet connection not required).
  • Create playlists of your favorite rosaries.
  • Import to your smartphone, iPod or other on-the-go music player.

As added benefits:

  • Offline audio playback emits less Electromagnetic radiation.