Prayers, Decrees and Mantra Book

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2023 Prayers, Decrees and Mantras Book

3-hole punched loose leaf pages, ready to put into the binder of your choice.

Includes prayers for protection, abundance and blessing, prayers for the youth, Buddhist and Hindu mantras and prayers to Kuan Yin. The Prayers, Decrees and Mantrasbook also includes many of our most popular rituals including:
  • The Golden Buddha Rosary
  • Communion with the Holy Spirit
  • Sacred Surrender: Ritual of the Divine Interchange
  • The Bodhisattva Vision
  • The Rosary of Faith
  • Victory of the Holy City:The Soul’s Mystical Union with God
  • Ritual Clearance of the Four Lower Bodies
  • Release of the Fire Breath of God through the Seven Rainbow Rays.

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Prayer—an Example of the Sacred Science of Sound

Extending the Voice of God into Our World
Beloved ones, I would speak to you this day on the power of transformative prayer. The Word made flesh¹ is the precipitation in matter form of the vibrations of the Godhead through the sounding of the sound of the sacred OM. The flowering of sound through the tonal qualities of each alphabetic utterance of words and combinations of words as mantras is for the purpose of extending the voice of God into your world. And holy, transformative prayer is one aspect and example of the sacred science of sound through spoken words.

The Cornerstone of Spiritual Practice
In all cultures and religious movements, prayer has been the cornerstone of spiritual practices that bind you directly to God through the stream of the Word, as Above so below. Even as the Word descends to you through the agency of the Holy Spirit as the frequencies of the Christos, the light that lighteth every man, woman and child who is born upon earth,² so that same light ascends as you employ the gift of Selfhood through the Christ-flame within as you pray.

 Tie into the Symbology of Pure Vibration and Light
Invocative prayer first convokes the presence of God’s beingness where you are through calling upon the name of God.³ Whether you utter the unutterable Word or you allow the flow of that Word through you in an action of speech through your throat chakra to step down the frequencies of the Godhead in its various manifestations of beingness through numerous sacred names, you tie into the perfection that symbology of the syllables that you utter represent as a pure vibration of light.

Invoke God’s Transforming Presence
The transformative power of prayer is manifest as you allow the higher tonal resonance of the Godhead to vibrate within your being at all levels, through every cell, every system, focused through your chakras and meridians, revififying your life and then in an expressive manner blessing all life. If, through presence awareness, you allow the beautiful aspects of the Godhead in all its expressive virtues and divine qualities to flow through you in a pure stream of light, then the power of transformation in your world moves you day by day into higher consciousness. —Beloved El Morya through David C. Lewis on June 11, 2008

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