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Our Buddha Mother - 10 Bookmarks

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Honor our beloved Buddha Mother, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and introduce your friends to the teachings of the ascended masters by giving them this bookmark with the original painting "Beautiful Dreamer" by N. Thomas Miller.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet has touched and changed many, many lives through her more than 30 years of teaching, writing and serving as Messenger for the Universal White Brotherhood. We acknowledge her selfless service and her legacy of light with this beautiful four-color bookmark. At 2" x 7" they are a generous addition to every book you gift to another, or to yourself.

Purchase your bookmarks at a substantial discount when you order a hundred. Bookmarks make a wonderful handout to give to those attending your outreach programs. your outreach programs.

Pricing is based on 10 units
You may select 100 units in unit options for discounted rate


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