Large TB – 13oz Orgonite

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TB’s or so-call “Tower Busters” are used all over the world by people to neutralize the negative EMF effects of cell phone towers by burying one or several of them near the tower. But they work very well in our homes to transmute the EMF effects of wifi access points, electrical meter transmitters, cell phones and many other sources of negatively imprinted “orgone” or prana. According to some sensitive people, one 6oz. orgonite can have a positive effect for people, animals and plants over an area of 100 yards in diameter.

Some people place one orgonite near each of the major EMF transmitter devices in or around their homes and have realized greater peace, health, deep sleep and an enhanced ability to meditate, concentrate and to dream. Some people report an overall more optimistic and friendly outlook on life after being near orgonites.

Several orgonites are sometimes necessary depending on your situation, but one orgonite is often enough to make a big difference in your home. If you work at a computer for hours per day, try placing an orgonite directly in front of you, between you and the computer monitor.

3.5” x 1.5”, 13oz, made of polyester resin, metal shavings and a quartz point, lapis, malachite, rose quartz and citrine crystals. They have had imprinted into them the Solveggio frequency of 528Hz to enhance their healing and calming ability. Weight may vary depending on type of metal used.


Large TB’s emanate an obviously stronger field of orgone or chi compared to the smaller orgonites.