Large Blue Pyramid Orgonite

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Large Blue Pyramid Orgonite

These Orgonites have been charged via mantras with the Blue-White Light of Purity and the Will of God and have impressed within them (while the resin is crystallizing) the Solfeggio frequency of 417Hz which is said to cleanse traumatic experiences and clear destructive influences of past events, enabling one to return to the “right path”. It has been observed by sensitive people that orgonites built in a pyramid shape create a more powerful and well-defined purification vortex as compared to other shapes. These work very well in our homes to transmute the EMF effects of wifi access points, electrical meter transmitters, cell phones and many other sources of negatively imprinted “orgone” or prana.


Creating a Perimeter of Protection

If you are a person who is very sensitive to EMF, flourescent lights, etc., try placing one large pyramid orgonite near the middle of your home. Then place smaller TB type orgonites at the corners of your home and perhaps a few more near any electrical "smart" meter or wifi access points either in your home or nearby at neighbors. Creating this "perimeter" of orgonites along with a large central orgonite is a way to gain greater peace along with better sleep and health in a face of the challenging world we live in. 


5.5” x 5.5” x 3.25", 30oz, made of polyester resin, metal shavings, a large quartz crystal and numerous lapis lazuli, citrine, blue kyanite, blue topaz and amethyst crystals. Weight may vary depending on type of metal used.