Lapis Orgonite Merkaba

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Lapis Orgonite Merkaba

3.5 x 3.5 inches This Merkaba star is made from natural stones and is hand-crafted & hand-polished.

An Extremely Powerful Symbol
The Merkaba is a star tetrahedron consisting of two inter-penetrating three-sided pyramids—a three-dimensional Star of David. One pyramid points up to the heavens, directing energy down from the cosmos to the earth plain and the other points downwards, drawing energy up from the earth below. It contains within it the geometry of the cube, octahedron and tetrahedron.  This sacred geometric shape has been discussed in books such as the Bible, Torah, Koran, the Book of Enoch, and Course of Miracles.

What Does ‘Merkaba’ Mean?
The Egyptian translation of the word Merkaba can be broken down as MER: revolving fields of light, KA: spirit - power, courage, strength of mind and character and BA: body. In Hebrew it means 'chariot' or Throne of God. It is thought that the Merkaba can transport spirit or consciousness from one dimension to another.

In a HeartStream on April 12, 2009 the ascended master Helios referred to the Merkaba as the symbol of our deathless solar body. The deathless solar body, also called the “seamless garment,” is a spherical spiritual light body created, seemingly woven, by the Holy Spirit and the soul aspiring to become one with her Buddha Nature. Its emanating threads are the result of the soul’s every virtuous act, loving thought and uplifting word throughout her embodiments.