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Onsite Attendance 
The Hearts Center 2022 Winter Solstice Event

The Manus Speak on Preparing for
Emergencies and Handling Crises

Vista, California

December 15-18, 2022


Answer Lanello’s Call for 39 In-Person Participants!
Come to our winter solstice event in response to Lanello’s request for 39 in-person participants. Join the manus to prepare yourself for the year 2023 by accelerating light, strengthening your heart, and envisioning a world of joyous freedom.

Preparedness—Cosmic Insurance
Practical in every way, our beloved manus will review with us the importance of preparedness—preparedness at every level of our being. For four days, the manus: Lord Himalaya, Vaivasvatu Manu, The God and Goddess Meru, and the Divine Director, guide us through steps of readiness on the etheric, mental, emotional and physical planes.

Accelerating Light, Holding the Vision
Did you know that preparedness itself is a deterrent to the outplaying of negative events? Well, it is! And another deterrent is our continuing practice of focusing on the highest and best outcomes. In at least two hours of spiritual work daily, we will intensify our focus upon a beautiful new world. As community, we can accelerate light into this vision through our prayers, meditations, devotional singing ... and our oneness.


Onsite Attendance Registration Rates
Fee: $100

Seniors over 80 years old: Pay what you can afford

Seniors on a fixed income: Pay half price or what you can afford

International Prices

Australia: $93

Europe: $93

Mexico, Central and South America: $20

Africa: $13

India (South Asia): $3


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Event Refund Policy

Refund policy: Your satisfaction with this The Hearts Center hosted event is our highest priority! Full refund requests for event registration must be made before December 6, 2022 at 5pm MST.






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