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Omega's Rainbow Rosary Booklet

During our 2019 summer solstice conference, we are most happy to release Omega’s Rainbow Rosary in a dynamic video format as well as in this new colorful booklet you hold in your hands. We pray that the Aquarian-styled images of Omega and the ten additional feminine deities invoked during this special ritual will inspire you to feel their presence in your life and to imbibe their unique divine virtues and holy quintessences.

For those who engage in Bhakti or devotional yoga regularly through giving or singing mantras, prayers, decrees and chants of East and West, this new rosary may complement your daily discipline with powerful new and deliberate affirmations using the name of God I AM (in the English language.) As you pray for all sentient beings through the nexus of your heart and using the wisdom of your higher mind, our entire Earth will be blessed and charged by your own Christic, Buddhic and Mother light!

Thank you for using this rosary as a means of victoriously raising all life with your love!
David Christopher Lewis
Cofounder of The Hearts Center Community

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