Spirit Tracks 2

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Spirit Tracks 2 - Digital CD

Earth Mother: Kathy Dolphin, Gene Dolphin and Robert Ballentine
Recording: Mike Mays

Kokopelli is a legend of magic and muse. Inspiring chosen ones and gifting players with intuitive songs of love, travel, spirituality and vision. Any one who has played or listened to the Native Flute feels a special connection with nature and gains peace. We who play our humble offerings on Spirit Tracks have had Great Spirit work his magic through us. Our intention with each song is harmony and healing. Kathy, Gene and I sincerely desire you make special tracks inward while listening.—Robert Ballentine

Track List
1. Solo (A) 1:34
2. Duet (F#) 3:16
3. Duet (E) 4:02
4. Duet (A flat) - Bugs 2:44
5. Trio (F#) 2:24
6. Guitar Kathy Voicing 2:44
7. Solo (A) 2:40
8. Duet (D#) 3:32
9. Duet (E) 3:02
10. Didj-Flute (E) Guitar, Rainstick 5:18
11. Solo (E) 2:04
12. Solo Funky  (G) 2:14
13. Trio Didj-Guitar-Flute (E) 3:18
14. Indian Dream (Healing CD) 4:50



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