Shakti Rising Volume 2

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Shakti Rising Vol 2 by Sahadev


© Copyright-Sahadev William Pool   Record Label: Blue Skies Unlimited


Kirtan chanting of Sanskrit names of the Divine (call-and-response style), with harmonium and tablas, plus some bass guitar, flute and finger cymbals. Enjoy as each track speeds up as it goes.

Album Notes

I love kirtan chanting! This type of chanting from the Hindu tradition is all about experiencing the Divine by singing the Divine Names repeatedly and tuning in to their vibration and meaning. With the eyes closed and the heart open, we have access to the bliss and ecstacy that is our very essence. I lead kirtan every week in Mt. Shasta, CA, and it feels like a Divine reset. No matter what happened during the week, kirtan facilitates my return to hOMe base. Therefore, I highly recommend ....... Chant and be happy! Sahadev



Song Name
1. Ganapati Deva
2. Hey Amba
3. Praise to the Mother Divne
4. Shiva Shiva Shambo
5. Shiva Shiva Mahadev
6. Nanda Nanda
7. Jaya Shree Govinda
8. Ram Ram Ram