Paneurythmy CD

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Paneurythmy CD

Total duration: 34:36 minutes
Orchestrated music of the Paneurythmy of Peter Deunov. Paneurythmy is a dance which was composed and choreographed by the Master Peter Deunov. Everything in the universe is rhythmical and human beings have their place in this great cosmic rhythm. Music and dance are simply attempts to reintegrate or remain within this universal rhythm.
Track List
1. Réveil

2. Evera

3. Sauter

4. Tisser

5. Misli

6. Aoum

7. Izgreva Slanceto

8. Le carre

9. Beauté

10. Mobilité

11. Vaincre

12. La joie de la terre

13. Faire connaissance

14. Beau jour

15. Que nous sommes contents

16. Pas à pas

17. Na ranina

18. Respiration
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