Healing through Ho'oponopono

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Healing through Ho'oponopono--Divine Child Within  by Lauren Pomerantz

The Ho'oponopono song assists in balancing ourselves, which means to go from a state of feeling upset, back to a state of peacefulness. It is inspired by the Hawaiian tradition of protecting and healing the 'unihipili,' the inner child; embracing ones' own thoughts, emotions and events in the world as we live them. Flow with the music to create peace (balance) with: 1. self and others, 2. the yin and yang aspect within the self, 3. the Child within, the Mother aspect and Father aspect (also described as the subconscious, conscious and supra conscious.



1. Heal with Ho'oponopono

2. Clean with Ho'oponopono
3. Instrumental - Activate
4. Middle Pillar - Balance
    (from Tree of Life CD)

5.  Shine with Ho'oponopono
6. One with All - Unify
    (from Tree of Life CD)

7. Integrate with Ho'oponopono


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