Psalms of Love Sheet Music

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Psalms of Love Sheet Music

Piano sheet music of the melody, chords and lyrics of the Psalms of Love CD. Does not notate all the other "voices" within the musical instrumentation of the CD.

It was refreshing in words and music in a world where we have so much that is anything but an expression from the heart. With great joy I listened to your recording." - Madame Elisabeth Caspari

Table of Contents

  1. Blossom of My Heart
  2. Take My Hand, Jesus Dear
  3. Evening Angels' Lullaby
  4. To the Holy Family
  5. The Humble Heart
  6. Our Lady of Medjugorje
  7. Promise
  8. I Will Always Love You
  9. Trinity
  10. Early One Morning
  11. Beauty in Bloom
  12. Waltzing in the Womb
  13. May Angels Go with You