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Vibration Education, a curriculum for young and old, supports the development of the inner soul senses through spiritual energy work including: prayer, mantras, healing meditations, intuition games and activities. The PDF downloadable curriculum is divided into four manuals.

This curriculum is for the greater enlightenment of youth within this movement & within all ascended master movements of light and in the greater confraternity of the brotherhood within the planetary body.

The final Adult volume (137 pages) for teens and adults is preparatory for advanced alchemy work. Vibration Education Spiritual Energy Work (and Play!) for Older Teens and Adults — Prayer, Mantras, Healing Meditations, Intuition Games and Activities.

In the Foreword to this volume, Beloved El Morya says, "Educators, using the vocabulary that children can understand, need to convey how important the process of thought and mindfulness is in learning and in the context of living a life toward wisdom rather than only the accumulation of knowledge, which as most of you know is often forgotten soon after the tests are taken. Think on how the important concepts can be sustained in your consciousness for longer periods of time through mindfulness, such that they are not dispelled and disappear into the mists of time and space."

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