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Love to the Millionth Power

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Love to the Millionth Power:

A Woman's Journey from Death, to Love, to Living in the Immortal Now

by Patricia Grabow 302 pages



What happens when you die? What would happen if you died and then came back to the world you left and realized that there is no death? That all there is, is life and a Love to the millionth power you could barely describe? What would your life be like? Patricia Grabow is a near-death survivor. This is her story. While on a trip with her two boys, Patricia was killed in a car accident in London. After returning to this life in a British hospital, she faced challenges she could hardly have imagined. In Love to the Millionth Power, Patricia shares her journey from her experience of death to what it was like to return to this life, and how she was miraculously led, in the midst of tragedy and despair, to those who cared that she and her family survive, that her story be told, and that the guidance she received that transformed and saved her be shared. This truly is a story of love, salvation and soul mates.


About the Author
Patricia Grabow's death experience was the beginning of a new life that at the time did not seem possible. Her earlier life had led her from upbringings in Montana to travels in Asia, high school in the Pacific, university in the West and mid-West, a first marriage in Washington, D.C. and a second chiefly in Alaska, where she worked in Native education in Anchorage and throughout small villages in the remote interior. Patricia holds a Master's degree in education and has been a teacher, school administrator and a drug and alcohol counselor while also raising three rambunctious boys. She is the author of three other books which were generated after her accident: Passage from Fear, Passage from Karma and The Immortal Now. Patricia currently lives in Montana.




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