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Onsite Attendance

Winter Solstice Event

The Victory of Aquarian Families:

Children and Youth Free in a New Age Dawning Now!

Livestreamed from Livingston, Montana
December 18-20, 2021


Our winter solstice event will be a bilingual affair of great joy and hope as we hold the vision of that “New Day Dawning Now!” Yes, it will be a bilingual affair—one language simply cannot contain the light and wisdom we will enjoy! Livestreamed from the Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart with afternoon broadcasts originating in Mexico City, the interweaving of English and Spanish throughout our three-day event will open us to new and unique experiences with our angelic friends and our heartfriends on Earth.

All about the Aquarian Family

An etheric retreat honoring children and families resides over Cuernavaca, a city sixty miles south of Mexico City. And the theme of our conference reflects the purpose and work of this heavenly oasis. Every day we engage in meditation, prayer and song focused on the unborn, our precious children, our dynamic youth, our individual families. 




Onsite Attendance Registration Rates
Adults:  $75

Age 17 and under:  Free

Seniors on a fixed income: Pay half price or what you can afford.

Seniors over 80 years old are free or what you can afford.

International Prices

Australia: $70

Europe: $70

Mexico, Central and South America: $15


India (South Asia): $3


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Call 312-253-7600 if you require assistance with registration.


Event Refund Policy

Refund policy: Your satisfaction with this event is our highest priority! Full refund requests for event registration must be made before December 10, 2021 at 5pm MST.









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